The BENTEC 450 t AC EURO RIG is a highly mobile and new land drilling rig representing all environmental and safety solutions as well as technological progress. The modular built rig is engineered with a fast-move philosophy and is one of the most modern European land drilling rigs that meets the special requirements of the European market. The EURO RIG is low emission, fully ATEX certified and built in compliance with the latest European regulations. Design drilling depth: 23,600 ft / 7,200 m.

Geothermal Wells

MND Drilling Germany offers assessment of the suitability of the earth structure for energy use through the drilling of geothermal wells, which determine the possibilities of obtaining hot water from various depths to be used for heating purposes in spa treatment, buildings, greenhouses, aqua parks, and swimming pools. Deep geothermal sources of the HDR type (hot dry rock) offer many other possibilities. Two wells can be used to obtain a higher amount of energy; the first well is used to inject water into a certain depth where it is heated by hot rock, and the other well serves for drawing the water back to the surface as a source of heat for various purposes, where geothermal energy is mainly used for producing electric power and heat.

MDD-01 – technical data


Box-on-box; free standing mast


BENTEC, Germany

Hook load capacity [kN] @ number of strings

4500 @ 12

Derrick height [m]


Drilling line diameter [in]

1 3/8

Number and Type of engine

Bentec AC Motor BAFD 400-S 623 EX: 2x

Engine output [kW]

850 kw (1120 HP)

Rotary table opening [in]

37 1/2

Substructure height [m]


Top Drive

Bentec TD-500-HAT

Number/type of mud pump

3x Bentec T-1600 High Performance 12" Stroke Triplex

Mud pump input [kW]


Maximum pressure [bar] @ Ø liner


Max. pump capacity [l/min] @ Ø liner @ SPM

3127 / 120

Mud farm capacity [m^3]

427 (total) - 227 (active system)

Manufactured in


Year of purchase



Past projects:

Geretsried GEN-1

Geretsried GEN-1 well was geothermal well drilled by MND Drilling Germany GmbH for ENEX.

Drilling operations with new drilling rig Bentec 450 AC (Rig MDD-001) commenced in January 2013. Surface casing string 20“ was run and cemented in 1.150 m and drilling continued with 17 ½“ bits and BHA with motor and MWD till 2.940 m where 13 5/8“ intermediate casing string was run and cemented. Following drilling of 12 ¼“ section with PDC and rotary steerable system (RSS) was smooth till depth 3.292 m where high pressure zones were encountered and mud weight had to be increased up to 1,85 kg/l. After well control operations drilling commenced with PDC bits 12 ¼“ and RSS, well inclination was continuously increased up to 26 degrees and after reaching depth 4236 m liner 9 5/8“ was run and cemented according to drilling program.

During drilling with bits 8 ½“ and RSS in interval 4236 – 4497 m inclination was increased up to 47 deg. and in 4497 m (top of malm reservoir) liner 7“ was run and cemented. Final section across malm fractured carbonates was drilled with bits diameter 6 1/8“. Well inclination was continuously increased up to 80 deg and the well reached TD 6036 m in July 2013. Open hole interval was logged with LWD and acidized and air lift production test was done. Unfortunately the results was not good and investor decided to abandon the well.


Gapowo B-1A

Gapowo B-1A was shale gas horizontal well drilled as sidetrack well from existing Gapowo B-1 well for company BNK Polska.

The sidetrack was kicked off in depth 1940 m from existing cement plug built below 9 5/8“ casing shoe. Sidetrack was drilled vertically along original well with PDC bit 8 ½“ and rotary steerable system (RSS) and after final build up in interval 3900 – 4400 m the well reached horizontal direction. Drilling of horizontal section commenced in interval 4400 - 6058 m and oil based mud was used to avoid well instability. After reaching TD 6058 m production casing string 5 ½“ was run and cemented and after frac well head install the well was ready for frac operations.


30.06.2014 | In June MND Group N.V., the mother company of MND Group became the sole owner of MD Drilling GmbH. The company has changed its name to MND Drilling Germany GmbH.

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